TAT ME (Temporary Airbrush Tattoos and Face Painting)
Don't just have an ordinary party, have a fantabulous party by offering your guests temporary airbrush tattoos and/or face painting.

We are the hit at every party or event!  Birthday's, Pool Parties, Picnics, Fundraisers, Grad Nite, Prom Nite, you name it. Your guests will enjoy a tattoo they can "try on"!  And face painting that won't run after time in the pool!

They will have over 500 tattoo and 40 face stencil designs to choose from. How nice it is for them to take their gift home.   Both our tattoo inks and face painting paints are CPSIA, CSPA Approved - Safe for use on children's skin! 

Our airbrush tattoos can last from 3-10 days depending on skin type, location, and care.  Our face paintings can last up to 3 days if desired.

We can apply about 30 tattoos per hour and 10-20 face paintings per hour depending on if your guests want their entire face painted or only half of their face. Our artists are friendly and outgoing. 
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